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 quilts and fiber arts

The unique wall quilts crafted by Kathleen Rountree are historic works of art. Antique tablecloths, napkins,  and bed linens serve as the palette on which she creates. Beginning with an ancient tablecloth, a pillowcase, or a simple cotton doily, she repurposes and enhances these items into intricate and inspirational pieces of art.

In the process, Kathleen becomes a partner with the artist who painstakingly embroidered on the linen when it was new, sometimes more than 100 years ago.  The new work Kathleen adds  triggers a transformation in which a piece of linen, originally meant for a functional purpose,  becomes something that draws admiration from viewers as they study the intricate details and gorgeous designs.

Kathleen also makes bed quilts, modern quilts, and kids charity quilts, but it is her linen quilts that are being increasingly featured in shows, festivals, and museums. She enjoys sharing her works with others, and is  available to give trunk shows, lectures, or workshops on her creative and innovative art pieces.  Kathleen is also an experienced quilt judge, and is currently a candidate in the judges' certification program of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges.

In her fiber art, Kathleen brings new life into historical linens and turns them into art quilts. She considers the time spent adding complex quilting, beadwork, and other embellishments to the cloth as the moment her work advances to a higher plane. Her first goal is for viewers of her works to see the linens beyond merely nostalgic pieces and experience great joy as they marvel at the artistry of each piece.


Kathleen Rountree is a classical musician, a University professor, and a higher-education administrator.  She is also an  internationally-noted quilter and fiber artist.   Her work has appeared at and won prizes at important national and international shows, including:

  • The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
  • The Savannah Quilt Fest
  • Road to California 
  • QuiltWeek Paducah
  • Pacific International Quilt Festival
  • The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza
  • Houston International Quilt Festival

Her wall quilts, which are made from antique embroidered table linens, will be exhibited in an individual artist's Gallery at the Summer 2021 Birmingham Festival of Quilts, the largest quilt show in Europe.  She is active in festivals and competitions, both as a participant and a judge, on both the East and West coasts of the US.  

Kathleen lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina,  with her husband and two fur-babies.  

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