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Kathleen Rountree 

quilts and fiber arts

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Creating 21st Century Quilts and Fiber Art from Vintage Table Linens 

On these pages,  explore the art of upcycling vintage fine table linens into contemporary works of fiber art. An award-winning quilter and fiber artist, Kathleen Rountree's work is being noted in national and international quilt shows, competitions, and museums.

"Bodega Bay" (2021)

"Best Interpretation of Theme", Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravagnza, September, 2021

New Class:  perky, precious, vintage  pincushions.  so so fun !

Take an old tea towel, an apron, or a napkin, hold your breath and cut it up.  Add some other pretty farics, a little trim or rickrack, and a few beads - make a pincushion, a journal cover, a table topper - oh so CUTE !!!

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